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A community as unique as Downtown Atlanta needs strong and caring people for it to prosper. CAP & ADID are committed to making the city center’s public spaces safer and more welcoming for everyone to enjoy. 

Bringing the Community Together

Public Space Activation

Free yoga classes returned to Woodruff Park for another summer of fitness, friendship, and fun. The sessions were held every Saturday morning and led by AMADOR Yoga. On July 30th, the Downtown community gathered at the John Lewis *HERO mural in Sweet Auburn to honor the Congressman and commemorate the day he was laid to rest. Closing out the year, an interactive light display was installed on the Woodruff Park gazebo. The lights are sound-responsive, flickering and dancing as they take in nearby noises.

CAP/ADID completed a Placemaking and Vibrancy strategy to guide the activation of Downtown. The strategy is intended to be a roadmap for vibrancy investment over the next few years. The effort identified new challenges and opportunities, focusing on three key locations: Peachtree St., Broad St. NW, and Fairlie-Poplar. The overall goal is to invest in Downtown destinations with expected, thoughtfully planned, and well-managed programs, in conjunction with Downtown partners.

In September, the Broad Street Boardwalk reopened and CAP/ADID partnered with the Department of City Planning to host a weekly lunchtime concert series that drew residents, workers, and students alike to the pedestrian-oriented oasis. The Boardwalk features a new structural system below the decking, new lighting, and additional seating. Additional CAP/ADID programming included a Halloween dance performance and a “Winter Wonderland” event with live ice sculpting.

Work began in 2022 to implement the recommendations of ADID’s assessment of its field operations (safety, cleaning, and outreach) in response to and anticipating the changing conditions, challenges, and opportunities to ensure Downtown Atlanta offers a clean, safe, and welcoming experience for all.  

This year, ADID provided funding support to stand up the Repeat Offender Tracking Unit Support - an unprecedented level of cooperation and coordination among City, County, and State agencies. Its initial nine full-time staffers were assigned from the staffs of APD, Fulton County District Attorney, Fulton County Sheriff, Georgia Department of Community Service (Pardons & Parole), and Atlanta Police Foundation.

Dedicated Professionals Tackling Dynamic Issues

Outreach Team

Founded in 2020, the ADID Outreach Team uses a trauma-informed approach to connect people experiencing homelessness to the support they need. The Outreach Team is comprised of outreach specialists and case managers whose deployment is coordinated with the Ambassador Force. The team responds to non-criminal, non-emergency concerns related to public disturbances, substance abuse, and mental health crises. Partnerships continue with shelter operators to secure beds for ADID clients.


People enrolled to receive services

People received

shelter placements


People were placed in transitional housing


The Outreach Team also joined the Homeless Management Information System to better track services, barrier information, and coordinate outreach activity with other organizations in Downtown Atlanta. Tracked services include shelter placement, hygiene kit distribution, transportation assistance, resource referral, and clothing donations.

The ADID Outreach Team participates in inter-agency collaboration in the LIFT 2.0 initiative, Partners for HOME’s homeless response plan that will prioritize people experiencing unsheltered and chronic homelessness. The plan utilizes a phased approach that reduces encampments, moves people into housing, and ensures they have access to wraparound support services to achieve lasting self-sufficiency. With recent investments of City and State funds totaling $26.6M, Partners for HOME has set a goal to house 1,500 households.

Clean Team

ADID’s Clean Team provides street vacuuming, pressure washing, graffiti removal, and trash clean up throughout the Downtown area. Additionally, the Public Works Team reports and tracks street lighting repairs, traffic signal outages, and street disruptions due to construction or damage.

Together, the Public Works and Clean Teams elevate the experience of all who visit Downtown’s public spaces.


From guiding visitors to enhancing public security, the Ambassador Force is ADID’s eyes and ears on the streets. This friendly, dedicated group patrols and monitors the public right of way, and they’re more than happy to provide suggestions, directions, and advice about how to navigate our city center.

ADID’s Ambassador Force was formed in 1996, in anticipation of the Summer Olympic Games.